A Family Nightmare I Have Lived Through

A Family Nightmare I Have Lived Through

I recently have endured a true family nightmare.
It is exactly like I am living in a Lifetime Family Movie….gone very, very wrong.
In short, we have a family member that met someone online and was in a very vulnerable, dangerous place after having a stroke.


Because our family member did not have a living will in place,  we had very little control over the situation to protect them.
Thankfully, I was able to call Elise Rodriguez, P.A. to get immediate insight into what needed to be done to protect our family member whom we love dearly.  Having a lawyer who specializes in family law was a huge relief to me during this difficult time.


After spending months of time, battling in court and many tears, our family member is now living with us peacefully and healing after the stroke.  I have learned so much in this journey and I cannot emphasize enough how vital it is to make sure your family is protected in the situation of ‘what if’.  When there is not correct legal representation and documentation, your kids and your family can be hurt, neglected and left with nothing.  Our family member is left without their clothes, walker, medication, family heirlooms as this woman has taken it and we are unable to retrieve it.  It is so sad and heartbreaking and I never want another family to endure what we have gone through. Make sure to get your family protected by calling Elise Rodriguez, P.A. who is a specialist in kids and family protection planning!

Elise Rodriguez, P.A.
Elise Rodriguez, P.A.

I found out the hard way that this not only pertains to children, but also our beloved parents and in laws.  Make sure your family has the correct legal protection in place in case an emergency or unfortunate health incident occurs.  If you wait until something happens, take my word for it- it will be too late to protect your loved ones in the way they deserve to be taken care of.

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