A Cheaters Guide To Quick and Easy Playdate Snacks

A Cheaters Guide To Quick and Easy Playdate Snacks

If you are like me, going to play dates where you are asked to bring food, can often cause anxiety.  Early on in my motherhood journey, I felt overwhelmed trying to bring the right snack to share, trying to get my child out of the house, all while look presentable and arriving on time.

Today I went to a play group at my friend H’s house and I realized how great it would be to have some easy quick snack recipes on hand to make me look prepared and pulled together. (HA!) So I dedicate this blog to busy moms who are looking for a snack cheat sheet!

th*H bought ready make chicken salad then added in her own favorite touches to make it extra yummy and put it on croissants for added decadence.

*My friend C makes the BEST muffins the night before that are quick, healthy and always a hit at our gatherings.

*Today I bought a bunch of cut up fruit at the market, put it in a trifle bowl for some elegance and added big gorgeous blueberries on top. Yup, that’s me, 5 minute snack mom!

Now that Anjali is 18 months after going to many, many playdates, I have learned most moms have tricks up their sleeves to quick, easy treats to share! I invite you to follow our ihelpmoms.com Pinterest board “Moms Group Snacks” at http://www.pinterest.com/ihelpmoms/moms-groups-snacks/pins/