5 Tips to Get Your Child to Sleep Better

If you are like me, getting your child to sleep can be one of the most frustrating things you incur as a parent. I figured out some important things tonight that I think will help give your household some much needed rest.

Tonight I decided to view our evening through my toddler’s eyes:

  • My husband sat with the television blaring watching World Cup soccer.
  • I was banging around the kitchen trying to clean up dinner at 7:30 pm as my husband had a late night at the office.
  • We both had conference calls at 8:00 pm for our businesses.
  • All of the lights were on in the house glaring off of the tile floors.
  • It looked like a circus.

Key #1: I paused for a moment watching my little one rub her eyes and realized sometimes we are so busy being busy we forget to pay attention to our child’s cues that it’s time to start winding down.

Key #2: I explained to my husband that I wanted to try turning the television off and dimming the lights. My hope was that this would indicate to our daughter that the entire household was winding down.

Key #3: I created a space for her to take a bath, read and play out of the normal area living space of the house. This lets her wind down at her own pace with only books and toys that don’t beep, move or talk! Part of our wind down routine included putting her stuffed animals to bed, which she loves.

Key #4: After her bath we headed to her room where we rock in her rocker and read until she gives her final yawns.

Key #5: I went to her bedroom armed with a sippy cup full of Coconut Almond Milk and an emergency food pack. By being prepared I can rule out anything that would cause her to want to stay awake.

She went down nice and easy after just a few minutes of rubbing her back and her white noise playing. My husband fell asleep reading to her and I finally felt relaxed rocking in her chair. The proof was in we had at last created a calm sleep environment for all of us!

As I sit here and write I realize the core of what I learned from Dr. Karp when my daughter was a baby includes many of the same things that I rediscovered tonight. I always like passing along great resources to parents to Make Motherhood Easier!

All babies are different, all household environments are unique, but one thing is for sure, if we can slow down in the evening and create a more relaxing sleep environment it will benefit everyone! I hope these simple tips help your household to get some rest and feel rejuvenated.

*ihelpmoms.com is a HUGE fan of the philosophy presented in The Happiest Baby on the Block!  We are proud to be affiliated with Dr. Harvey Karp and his peaceful parenting principles.