5 Reasons Crawling is as Exciting as a Baby’s First Steps

5 Reasons Crawling is as Exciting as a Baby’s First Steps

Our friends at BabySparks have shared 5 Reasons why Crawling is as Exciting as Baby’s First Steps….

Try this test: ask 5 parents when their children took their first steps. My guess is that 4 of them will be able to tell you the exact month it happened. Do the same with crawling – I’m guessing maybe 1 or 2 will recall. Walking is important (and fun to get on video), but crawling is also an incredibly important milestone and creates significant long-term benefits. Obviously we all need to learn to walk, but learning to crawl is a critical first step.

As a parent of an almost walker (our little one turns 1 next week), Screen Shot 2014-12-10 at 10.21.50 PM am doing the opposite of what most parents do. I am trying to delay walking a bit longer, hoping my son keeps crawling for at least another month. Keeping him on his belly a bit longer has a ton of benefits. More are being discovered all the time, but here are 5 of the most important:

1. Strengthens trunk, shoulders, arm and hand muscles. Crawling is incredibly hard work (try it for yourself – it’s not easy!) All of the core muscles work together to maintain an upright position, while the arms and shoulders help propel the baby forward. There are few things that a baby can do to work all of those muscles more efficiently. These months of crawling form the foundation for his or her future core strength. Once your child is vertical and walking, this natural workout for core and upper body muscles will stop.

2. Helps develop binocular vision. Switching between looking down and looking ahead forces the baby’s eyes to continuously focus at different distances. This skill is what your child will use to easily switch between notebook and blackboard when taking notes at school.

3. Improves hand-eye coordination. Crawling will allow a baby to first identify a “target” with his eyes and then use his hands while crawling to guide his body to “acquire the target.”

4. Cross communication between both sides of the brain. Bi-lateral movement strengthens both the left and right side of the brain, enhancing communication across the 2 sides. Since each side of the brain has a different function (i.e. the left side sorts & organizes, the right side stores in memory), good cross brain communication can improve your child’s ability to learn. It also improves balance and coordination.

5. Helps integrate the Symmetric Tonic Neck Reflex (STNR). This reflex allows us to operate our upper and lower body independently. Children that fail to integrate the STNR are often clumsy and have poor balance & coordination, among other issues. Furthermore, there is interesting research by Dr. Miriam Bender that links the lack of integration of this reflex with learning disabilities and ADHD

The list goes on, but just with the benefits above, you can understand why at BabySparks we are big believers in crawling. Under the Browse by Milestones section of the BabySparks app, there are 20+ activities specifically designed to help your little one master crawling.


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