5 Questions to ask yourself about your brand.

5 Questions to ask yourself about your brand.

5 Questions to ask yourself about your brand.

You’re super busy. You’re a mom coordinating the kid’s lives and your own BUT you’re also an entrepreneur! WOW! That is a lot on your plate. When you first created your business you had this wonderful cool new brand, new website and you were constantly on social media promoting your product or service. But then time happened. One year, two years…did three years already slip away?

Stop and ask yourself these 5 clarifying questions.

  • Has my brand evolved?
  • Is my content still on brand?
  • How does someone feel when seeing my website, Instagram profile or Facebook page?
  • Is my branding consistent on all my platforms?
  • Does anything need to change?

Chances are you need to reboot something. TAke a good cold hard look at your website, your profiles and ask those 5 questions. It doesn’t need to be a complete overhaul but you can update and tweak your content to reflect the evolution you have made in your business. No business is static, something has changed, adapted or you’ve created a new product that you haven’t even added.

If time is an issue, farm that ‘stuff’ out! Back when you started, you did it all yourself, but now you know that hiring a professional to manage some of these details can enhance your business. Not only enhance but can streamline and make it better. No one is the same at the end of the year. Look how you’ve changed this year, doesn’t your online presence deserve to get a fresh do as well?

You update your clothes, you update your phone, update your online presence to match the updated you! Ihelpmoms Media has the professionals that can help you freshen up your brand. Check out our services here.

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