5 Keys to Breastfeeding Success

5 Keys to Breastfeeding Success

There is such a huge difference for me between baby number 1 and 2. I laugh daily at myself now at how strict I was with our first daughter!

Screen Shot 2014-11-17 at 11.56.29 AMBreastfeeding my first time around was so hard for me. Our daughter had a difficult birth causing her upper neck to incur misalignment upon her entry into the world. Her jaw and neck muscles were not aligned causing a poor latch. Thank goodness for my husband being a chiropractor helping to gently align her upper cervcial spine, which allowed her to latch properly.

To add to the complications, I had a really hard time recovering and getting into position to breastfeed was extremely painful. I had clogged ducts constantly sometimes three at a time for days! OUCH! There were so many days I wanted to just give up.

To Lens with Love Photography
To Lens with Love Photography

With my second daughter now 5 weeks old, I have a much different perspective on breastfeeding. These are the keys to success I personally have found.

  1. Create a comfortable nursing place. I put a recliner by my bed, where I can catch up on my Real Housewives or Modern Family while the rest of my house sleeps, with my nursing pillow nearby, water beside me and a dim light for night feeding. I have created my breastfeeding oasis!  
  1. ihelpmomsold.wpengine.com Lactation Consultant
    ihelpmoms.com Lactation Consultant

    Always keeping a water bottle with me and drinking coconut water has been amazing to keep me hydrated. I found if I became dehydrated I got clogged ducts.

  1. Change Positions. I found if I incorporated the football hold position once a day I was able to fully empty my breasts, again helping me to avoid clogged ducts.
  1. Call A Lactation Consultant- I recommend interviewing them ahead of time so when your baby arrives you already have a great relationship. Mine was a life saver!
  1. Staying around positive, supportive resources is vital! Breastfeeding Groups, Le Leche League, Kelly Mom Online, Lactation Consultants and friend & family that are encouraging.

I realize that breastfeeding can be difficult like it was for me, I also understand some women have circumstances that do not allow them to and others do not wish to breastfeed.  I always say that it is your body, your baby, your choice.  If you are a women that desires to breastfeed, I encourage you to:

Make sure to contact our lactation consultants on www.ihelpmoms.com!