5 Keys to Better Sleep After Having Kids

5 Keys to Better Sleep After Having Kids

There is one definite thing that I cherish about motherhood.
It is also the best piece of advice I have ever gotten: Figure out a way to get sleep in motherhood.

Entering motherhood the first time everyone always said sleep when the baby sleeps, and I wondered how on earth are we supposed to do that?
The diapers, the feedings, it can feel all consuming.  Special bonding time- yes, but lets be realistic here it can be exhausting!

So after having 3 kids 5 and under I can safely say I have tried it all and now I am getting amazing sleep and I WISH someone had told me these tips when I was a first time mom!  

1.  Extra hands!  Our ihelpmoms.com Baby Nurses and Doulas ARE AMAZING.  At night whether you are breastfeeding or bottle feeding they can care for the baby, bathe the baby, cuddle the baby, swaddle the baby so we can get sleep.  Asking family is great too, I just didn’t have any around here and I am sure I am not the only mom with out family nearby.  Hiring a baby nurse allowed my body to heal and I felt rejuvenated especially with 2 other little ones to take care of during the day.

2.  I have bought every baby monitor under the sun.  I am so thankful to have found the MonBaby Monitor!  It has SO many amazing benefits, it is the most affordable I have found and it is SIMPLE!  Finding an amazing monitor allowed me to get a much better night sleep as I knew the baby was breathing and was safe.  
I am such a huge fan I asked if MonBaby would give our moms $30 off AND THEY SAID YES!

Here is why we are rating this our number one pick:
1.  Breathing movement alarm– alerts you if no movement is detected for 15 seconds!
2.  Sleep position alarm
3.  Fall Detection alarm is great beyond the newborn stage as well, when your child goes to a big kid bed! 
4. The monitor snaps safely on to the baby’s pajamas or onesie AND all monitoring goes directly to an app on your phone.  
5.  It’s COMPLETELY Wireless and can go with you on vacations, to grandparents, anywhere your baby is you can monitor from your phone!
6.  No daily charging and you are alerted when you need replace the battery.

This company thought of EVERYTHING to help parents with safe sleep enabling us to get the great night sleep we need!  The MonBaby is so easy to use it just attached right to my little ones onesie and she loved it! Now I can sleep soundly knowing she is breathing, safe and it is perfect when we transition to the toddler bed so I know she did not fall out! LOVE that it lasts for YEARS!

We are LOVING the MonBaby Monitor that is $30 OFF with code ihelpmoms

If you are looking for an affordable monitor to give you the peace of mind your baby is safe make sure to get our top rated MonBaby Monitor with code ‘ihelpmoms’ HERE
Only $69 for our valued moms!

3.  I always asked myself the 2 questions if the baby was overly fussy at night: Did I feed the baby enough,  did I change their diaper? And later on are they teething?  It sounds simple but when you are sleep deprived, the little things can be overlooked!  I am thankful for our ihelpmoms.com Lactation Consultants as my baby was not getting enough nutrition from my breastmilk so they were able to help with my latch and identify my baby had a tongue and lip tie that I got corrected at Dr. Saadia’s and my baby went on to breastfeed beautifully to get proper nutrition and SHE IS THE BEST SLEEPER NOW!

4.  Getting proper nutrition.  You cannot pour from an empty cup.  Getting proper nutrition throughout the day contributes to sleeping better! It can be so hard to make sure that your body is getting the fuel it needs.  Putting spinach, flax and chia in my smoothies helped, and my favorite protein boost at night is Justin’s Vanilla Almond Butter- Yup, a spoonful of sheer joy! 

She didn’t even realize the MonBaby Monitor was on!

5.  The Pillow of Health has been a lifesaver in our house.  Our hips, our backs, our pelvis are all coming back after delivering babies and this pillow has been a miracle in our house.  For my toddlers too as I need them to get sleep!  The Pillow of Health is  giving our moms $25 OFF with code ‘MOM25’.

Hope these tips to better sleep for you and your household will help Make Motherhood Easier, Healthier and Safer!
ihelpmoms.com Founder/CEO

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