5 Free Fathers Day Celebration Ideas

5 Free Fathers Day Celebration Ideas

Fathers Day is just around the corner and it’s the perfect time to say thank you to the ones you love! Do you want to take some pressure off trying to find the perfect gift?

I think we should celebrate Fathers Day, which by definition
is to rejoice in and have special festivities to mark a happy day. To me it is truly a celebration of life and love…This upcoming Fathers Day I definitely want to celebrate a special weekend to say thank you to my husband for being an amazing dad, for being my best friend and working so hard for our family. A few ideas I have:


  1. A day of golf.  The real gift: Me not complaining
    that he will be gone for 6 hours!
  2. Relaxing his way, which usually includes working out, swimming and hopefully a Heat game.
  3. A photo creation of Anjali wishing him a Happy Fathers Day and make sure to checkout using one of our amazing ihelpmoms.com photographers for a high quality touch!
  4. A family activity such as the beach, a hike or a park day just enjoying time together.
  5. A special date night Friday where he gets to choose the restaurant and I take care of the babysitter, the details and I wear something other than yoga pants;)

It’s about recognizing that our every day life is on super charge 99% of the time and this weekend is accepting how Justin wants to relax and enjoy his celebration weekend. They say happy life, happy wife. This weekend however I think it is about happy dad, happy home!