30 Rustic Farmhouse Christmas Decorating Ideas

30 Rustic Farmhouse Christmas Decorating Ideas

Yay! Christmas!  If you love rustic farmhouse decor, you will love these Christmas decorating ideas! So much inspiration for mantels, entryways, porches and eating areas!  Buyer’s Guide included!

The word ‘home’ has stirred up some bittersweet thoughts for me this season.  Currently, we are living in our home out of boxes.  Back in the spring, our oil burner bit the dust and spewed soot all through our house.  Thankfully, our insurance company paid to have the whole house cleaned, repainted and floors replaced.  But, we had to pack up our entire (I mean entire) house and have it completely EMPTYso they could do the work.

Since a move out of state was in our future, when we emptied out for the renovations, we purged everything we weren’t planning to take with us. We only brought the essentials back into the house. The rest is in boxes.

Selling our home was our 3 year plan, but since the house was now in pristine condition (and probably the cleanest and most immaculate it would ever be), we decided to put it up for sale right away.

Since then, a deal fell through, we took a break from selling, and now, our house is once again on the market.  And we are still living out of boxes.

So, home is a strange thing for me now because the house that has been our home for the past 8 years doesn’t really feel like a home: sparse furnishing, no decorations and blank walls. All staged to become someone else’s home.

Now, Christmas.  I usually love Christmas and love decorating my home for Christmas – but that’s probably not in the cards for us.  We will do what we can without disturbing the house and keeping it properly ‘staged’ – but it won’t feel too much like Christmas in our home.

So what the heck does that have to do with rustic farmhouse Christmas decorating ideas?!?

Well, likely, you all are cozy in your homes – and my hope is that you will be especially thankful for that this season.  And if you have a home to decorate – please, have at it! Go all out!

Home is something I’ve definitely taken for granted.  I know home is more than the items in it and really about the people and the atmosphere – but Christmas is such a special time where one really enhances the other, in my opinion.

Below are 30 ideas you can use in decorating your house for Christmas in the rustic, farmhouse style.

If you love a style, PLEASE click over to the original source!  On the original site, there are many more pictures and ideas and details- I’ve only given you a small taste.  Many are home tours, showing their entire house and how they’ve carried the farmhouse theme into other rooms of the house.  It will give you so much more inspiration and lots of ideas on how to unify the theme in your own home.

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