3 Tips To Stop Feeling Overwhelmed in Motherhood

3 Tips To Stop Feeling Overwhelmed in Motherhood

#1- Who are you other than MOM?  You may be a wife, daughter, athlete, business professional, sister, craft genius etc.  But I’d bet somewhere along the way you might have forgot all that you are as you focus mainly on your role of mom.  That’s ok, you are not alone. My challenge to you, slowly begin to listen to your heart more often and not your head.  Your head focuses on the “shoulds” in life.  It is your mommy-responsible mode.  But your heart is more the “want” mode.  This is your true voice, your true self.  This is how you can reconnect with who you truly are.  Listen to the Super woman inside the Supermom.  I’d bet she has a lot to say!

#2- Do you make time for self care?  Repeat after me, self care is not self fish.  Actually, self care might just be the most important thing you can do for yourself and your family.  There is so much power in making some time for YOU.  To hear your heart speak.  To clear your mind and recharge.  To simply take a few moments and come back with more patience, love and appreciate for your children and your role of mom.  But don’t get overwhelmed by the idea of self care.  It doesn’t need to be a huge time commitment or mean you need to spend money at the spa.  It can be whatever you want it to be as it is more about how you are doing it than what you are doing.  For example, a simple shower can be your self care if you do it while clearing your mind and making that shower YOUR time.  I challenge you to slowly incorporate some self love acts.  You can start slow and build.  Recognize how this time makes you feel.  And especially see how this time and love then flows into your children and family.  It is a beautiful thing!

#3- Do you love yourself?  I hope the answer is yes, but maybe you are in the mode of focusing on the negative in yourself and in your life rather than the positive.  We get caught up in the pressures of the world and easily waste our energy on seeing all the bad rather than all our good.  We beat ourselves up for all that we are not instead of all that we are and do for our kids and family.  My challenge to you, see yourself through your children’s eyes.  Next time you are beating yourself up, allow yourself to throw your tantrum (get it out of your system) but then love yourself and forgive yourself as you do your children.  It might feel so weird at first, but over time it will become a new habit.  And it will feel so good.  After all, you are human and deserve as much love as anyone else in your life!!!!

Rachael Phillips- Purposeful Motherhood Coach

AKA Supermom



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