3 Tips To More Romance and Intimacy This Valentines Day

3 Tips To More Romance and Intimacy This Valentines Day

Do you remember when you first saw your spouse or partner?
That electric current…that lust…that undeniable attraction?
I do!  Now 10 years later and 3 kids down the road, I know I am not the only one curious how to keep the romance turned up!
That’s why we are the HONEST MOMS here at ihelpmoms.com!

On our Monday Mom Love Show today, we sat down with Marcela, our ihelpmoms.com Family Therapist to discuss the following:
1.  How do we keep the romance on a high note as moms and dads?

Recognize YOUR strengths!  As moms we get busy, but it is VITAL to take a moment to give yourself some credit!

*Do you love creating fun opportunities for your family on the weekends?

*Are you a great cook?

*Do you have a great body that you work hard on?

*Do you do a great job planning playdates or fun activities?

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Then recognize your partners STRENGTHS!  

*What do they do well?

*Are they a great dad or mom?

*Are they great providers or hard workers?

*Do they make you laugh?

2.  Next step to more romance is to think about how to reboot the love factor if it needs a little boost!

GRATITUDE is the #1 answer.

Above you thought about the things you appreciate about your partner NOW TELL THEM and don’t expect anything in return!

Watch the magic happen.  Every morning when you wake up think about why you are grateful for your life together.  

More gratitude=More Love!

3.  Our third tip to more love and romance is BE A LOVER!
To do this:
1.  Put pictures on your phone of the person you love.  Make a folder and put in travel pictures, wedding pictures, family pictures.  Those moments that make you smile.

2.  Look at these photos every night before you go to bed!

3.  Go online and take the Love Languages Test with your partner!

Wishing everyone a great Valentines Day and hope these tips bring your home MORE LOVE!!!

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