3 Tips To A Loving, Sexy Relationship After Having Kids

3 Tips To A Loving, Sexy Relationship After Having Kids

What happens when couples become disconnected? 

  • Dissatisfaction within relationship/marriage. 
      • Often feel alone and unsupported 
      • No longer a “partnership” 
  • Disconnect often happens when too much time and focus is spent on work and the children than the relationship/marriage – It’s easy to become so consumed by daily lives that relationship is pushed to the back burner (and sex is seldom a part of the routine). 
      • Yes, investing time and energy to the corporate hustle creates financial security for present and future, while quality time with children also yields healthy and happy parent-child relationships; however, it is essential to find balance to ensure longevity and satisfaction within marriage.
  • Sometimes, depending on the level of discontent within the relationship, children can sense strains and pressure within marriage and may respond by acting out in a negative or anxious way. 

Why is it important to make your relationship/marriage a priority? 

  • When you are on the same page as your significant other, and you are working together as a team, you can better navigate through various problems that often arise as your children grow and enter inevitable life cycle changes.
  • With the development of confidence and security, passion and peace within your relationship, you and your signifiant other will be a positive role-model for your children and their future relationships. 
  • Studies show that the most resilient children and families stem from couples who have a solid foundation and a mutual connection of love and respect for themselves and each other. Taking care of each other’s needs, emotionally and physically, are essential to maintaining a happy and healthy marital relationship. Your family’s quality of life starts with the quality of parental unit.  

    3 Keys to Growing WITH your partner after having kids:

  • Weekly Date Nights (Must make an effort to stay connected or reconnect as a couple unit without the children present… and try to change it up – not just dinner and a movie every week)

  • Daily Check-Ins (5-10 minutes – How was your day? Anything fun and exciting happen? Any challenges? Is there anything you need help/support with?…Again emphasis is on making couple time and communication a priority.)
  • Express Love and Gratitude (We can easily take relationship and support for granted. Everyone wants to be acknowledged, and feel appreciated, for the hard work that is done everyday to keep the family afloat. Can also help shift perspective from negative to positive.)

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