3 Tips For A Stress Free Summer

3 Tips For A Stress Free Summer

With today as the last day of school, we are looking to our ihelpmoms.com therapist to give us the secret to ACTUALLY ENJOY SUMMER VACATION! 

1.  Take a look ahead to plan.  We love our master calendars!
We have found if we do some basic camp/holiday/work/babysitter/family commitments planning for the month ahead, then we can enjoy the impromptu playdates and fun stuff because there is no confusion on what is going on.

It makes it easier to say yes and no with clarity and ease.

Less is more!!!! Try and schedule less activities to allow more free time to explore, play and be. Leisure can boost creativity & connections between people. Do you remember the games you came up with your friends, siblings, cousins when we were kids?

2.  Give yourself a break
-school activities
-extracurricular activities
-making lunches
-practice the art of saying no!!! Saying no the things that you moderately like frees you up to say YES to things you are really passionate about. Follow your intuition. If something feels really good, do more of THAT..

3.  How to actually enjoy the vacation
Focus on what you DO want….This WHOLE week I have had all 3 kids by myself. My house is a MESS.  But I just focused on the girls needs, FUN and enjoying the moment this summer.  And now when I get a minute I am cleaning up.  

Be gentle on yourself

Affirm the good things you want to enjoy- family fun, outdoors, great restaurants…leaving less mind space to the cooking, cleaning, packing.

One of our favorite things currently at our house is to get out sleeping bags and just relax, use our imaginations, the kids take them in different rooms!  Check out these AWESOME and fun designs from INNO SLEEPING BAGS
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**I have a trick I discovered a few years ago: it’s my “I’m on vacation brain”
But the trick is when I’m back home in real life mode and I’m experiencing a situation that is out of the ordinary and stressful I break out my “I’m on vacation brain” to give myself a break. It could be for an hour, a night, whatever time I can squeeze in before I have to get back to reality and it gives me the reprieve that I need. An example of a stressful day and how I use it would be: picking up my son from school and saying: Lovie today is a special night, I’m ordering dinner and we get to watch a movie.I will actually decompress while watching a movie and eating a dinner I didn’t have to make. It gives me the chance to recharge my batteries, so that after bedtime I can get back to whatever I need to deal with.

We hope these tips will help you enjoy your summer vacation with greater peace, joy and FUN!
On A Mission To Make Motherhood Easier,

Michelle, ihelpmoms.com Founder/CEO

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