3 Keys To Organizing Your House

3 Keys To Organizing Your House

There is nothing better than getting a house organized!

But getting there…is not always so easy.  So we went to our ihelpmoms.com expert Professional Organizer Kendra Fletcher for the top tips to help get your house decluttered!

You can see our LIVE Show here or enjoy the tips below!

  1. A lot of moms struggle with home organization, clutter, and keeping the household running. What are your best tips?
    1. Organization
      1. Always have a charity box (Pick-ups for Breast Cancer, Salvation Army, Goodwill, KIDS in Distress)
      2. Break it down into 15 minute little projects (drawer, tool box, shoes, clothes, kitchen utensils).
  • Lifestyle / Day to day
    1. When something gets on your nerves, fix it.
    2. Extra stuff wastes time and doesn’t allow you to see what you need
  1. Ask yourself – what’s NOT working? Come up with a solution.
    1. Shoes in the house for example can be annoying.  Make a station in your garage with a shoe rack and dirty sock hamper!
    2. Sports and activities get the garage or outdoor area organized with storage and communicate as a team where things get put away!
  2. What are your tips for helping keep kids stuff organized and helping to teach them organization skills?
    1. Most people suffer from too much stuff and no place to store it
      1. Feel bad getting rid of stuff
      2. Talked to a mom whose mom is always giving them gifts.
    2. Everything needs a home
    3. Strategy with my kids for their bedrooms
      1. THREE BINS
        1. Trash
        2. Giveaway
        3. Other Part of the House
      2. Put everything on the bed and empty contains (if they are not organized)
  • Identify categories
  1. Putting items away
    1. Clothes
    2. Books
    3. Baby Dolls and Stuffed Animals
    4. Barbie and Doll House
    5. Art Supplies, Markers, etc.
  2. TIP!!! Best place to get storage solutions for these type of items is the dollar store.
  3. Let’s switch gears a bit to getting your family finances, documents, records, etc. in order. You came up with an organizational binder called “My Life Packet”. 
    1. It is vial to be prepared in case of a family emergency
      1. Will, power of attorney, healthcare proxy
      2. Life insurance
  • Important documents (birth certificate, marriage licenses, SS cards, passports, car title, etc)
  • I created a comprehensive system such as My Life Packet below!
    1. Helps you stay more organized – you can find things
    2. Helps you identify ways to save money (a lot of those things fall to the backburner)
    3. Communication tool with partner – INCLUDES A BUDGET HERE
    4. If something should happen to you it’s all organized
    5. Where can people connect with you online?

Website “Kendra-fletcher.com” – I sell My Life Packet Here!

My Life Organized Facebook Page



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