One Tip that Might Help Your Baby Sleep on the Cold Nights

sleeping babyWe have all been there, our baby has finally fallen asleep and you go to lay him down… as soon as you  lay him down he stretches and then wakes up.

Have you ever thought about the bed you are laying your baby down in?? Little one goes from your warm arms, nuzzled up against your warm body to a cold bed!

Here is something that I found that my babies really like… especially my fall/winter babies where the bed’s tend to be on the cooler side at night.

I made a rice bag, I would heat it in the microwave for 1 minute, lay it on the bed where I will lay the baby. Then I would do all nightly things with my baby… feeding, changing, snuggling… and then when I take the rice bag off and lay the baby down. That way they are going from warm arms to a warm bed.

Here is a tutorial on how to easily make one. I always add lavender to mine, so as they are heated they will smell like the oil, and that transfers to the bed as well.


*Always use discretion on the heat of the bed before you put your baby down*

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photo credit: Heidi Lynn Bell via photopin (license)